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Barack Hussein Obama Approves Federal Assistance For Texas Wildfire And Drought Emergency That Texans Are Unable To Resolve Without Washington’s Help

President Obama has declared 45 Texas counties to be disaster areas because of wildfires and drought.

(Above–Homes destroyed by Texas wildfires earlier this year in the vicinity of Possum Kingdom Lake. Photo by unherdable) 

Federal money and other federal assistance will now come to Texas because of President Obama’s decision.

These fires and the never-ending statewide drought are problems that Texas cannot resolve without additional help from Washington.

That’s fine as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes in life you need help.

Maybe this is something that folks in the impacted counties and all across Texas can remember as they go on and on about about how bad government is and how the federal government is all about socialism.

So often the response from the conservative voting majority in Texas for a request for help is a kick in head.

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Legal Challenge To Texas Forced Sonogram Law

There is a challenge in the works to the newly-enacted Texas Forced Sonogram law.

From the Houston Chronicle

“A national abortion rights group has filed suit in federal court to stop implementation of a new Texas law that requires women seeking an abortion to undergo a sonogram and have details of the fetal image explained to them. Claiming the amendment to the state’s Woman’s Right To Know Act is unconstitutionally vague and violates physicians’ freedom of speech, the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights filed the motion for a preliminary injunction in Austin Thursday…Under the provisions of the amendment, sponsored in the Senate by Katy Republican Dan Patrick, women seeking abortions must obtain a sonogram and listen as physicians describe the image. The law also provides for women to look at the sonogram and listen to fetal heartbeats, but they have the option to decline.”

The issue here is not abortion. Abortion is legal.

The issue is that the State of Texas is forcing free citizens to undergo a medical procedure that may well not be wanted. If Texas can mandate one medical procedure, why can’t it force citizens to undergo other unwanted medical investigations and treatments?

We hear a lot about individual rights and small goverment in Texas.

It seems that these alleged beliefs don’t extend to Texas women.

Here are additional facts about the legal challenge being conducted by the Center for Reproductive Rights.

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