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Hot And Dry Everyday

We had record heat and very little rain in Houston in June.

From the Houston Chronicle

“June is ending Thursday as an exceptional month, weather-wise, for all the wrong reasons. Begin with the heat. The month is finishing with an average temperature of 86.1 degrees, making this the warmest June on record in Houston, besting the mark of 85.9 degrees set back in 1906, according to National Weather Service records. And it was dry, so dry in fact that Texas is on the verge of experiencing the worst drought on record…This year April, May and June have now all finished among the 10 warmest in Houston history. In fact the only day this June with a temperature at or below normal levels came on June 22, when Greater Houston got its first real splash of rain in five months. The heat, in turn, has worsened the drought, which has been building since last fall, by drying out soils more rapidly.”

Above is a picture of the drought in Houston that I took a few days ago.

I’m not sure this is an exciting picture, but a drought does not involve very much action.

Here are facts about heat stroke from the Mayo Clinic.

I imagine there is a bit of excitement to be found in having heat stroke. Though not the kind that would make for a nice Fourth of July weekend.

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