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Observation About Death

When my father was dying in March, I’d look at him eating a meal, or at whatever little else he was able to do, and see how clearly apart he was from people who’d be alive longer than a few days. The more people in the room, the more alone he appeared. Now when I sit down for a meal by myself, I have sometimes have this terrible momentary awareness of the fragility of the individual.

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Please Stop Littering In Tony Marron Park In Houston—How About Some Self-Respect For Ourselves As Everyday People?

May I please ask people to stop littering Tony Marron Park in Houston.

It is a nice park. Why would anybody litter in a nice park that is for all the people?

What is wrong with people?

How we conduct ourselves in a park that belongs to all the people is a measure of self-respect.

We’ve got to respect ourselves as everyday people using the common resources.

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