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Netherlands Furniture Designer Offers New Table For Public Consideration—My Small Part In His Work

A few months ago I was driving around Houston and took the photo you see above. I used the picture as a blog post.

The picture of the empty building was seen by blog reader Fernando H. Arias van Oordt. Mr. van Oordt lives in the Netherlands.

Mr. van Oordt designs furniture. He e-mailed me and asked if he could use the picture to help showcase a project he was completing.

It turned out he was working on a table.

At the bottom of this post you see the table. Mr. van Oordt in the Netherlands photoshopped the table into the vacant building I found in Houston.

Here is how Mr. van Oordt described his work in a later e-mail he sent me—

“I don’t know what your view of design is, I guess you might wonder what that thing on top of your picture is. Just to give you an insight in case you’re interested, I work with metal and make limited edition furniture. By experimenting, I found that by pulling flat sheets of metal welded one to the other, it was possible to achieve strong 3d forms. With this concept in mind I built a structure that can pull with a lot of pressure, creating this table with it, It’s a prototype, so I’m now seeing what people’s reactions are towards it, hoping to some day put this concept into production.”

As for my own view of design—since I’ve never been asked this question before and will likely never be asked again—it is minimal.

I express this minimalism by the spare style I try to employ in many blog posts I make.

You’ve got to try to convey as impactful a message as possible in the time the blog reader will allow you until he or she moves on to something else.

Here is a blog post and brief video showing how Mr. van Oordt made the table and giving some more detail on his design ideas.

Here is a web page where Mr. van Oordt has a number of images of the table.

I’m appreciative that Mr. van Oordt has allowed me to be of some small help in his work. It’s an honor that a pro like Mr. van Oordt thought that in some fashion I could compliment his efforts.

I hope Mr. van Oordt will keep Texas Liberal readers up to date on new things he creates.

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