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Galveston Seawall Parking Vote On May 14—I’m A Frequent Visitor To Galveston Who Would Be Willing To Pay

This upcoming Saturday the good people of Galveston will vote on the question of ending free parking on the Galveston Seawall.

(Update 5/15/11–The people of Galveston voted “Yes” for paid parking on the Seawall.)  

From the Galveston County Daily News

“…..Charge up to $8 a day to park along the seawall or $25 for an annual pass. Hourly parking would be available at $1 an hour from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Up to 10 percent of income from the paid parking meters could be used for administrative costs, 15 percent would replace capital improvements and 75 percent of the income would go to seawall enhancements. The council has voted to use the parking revenue for showers, restrooms, litter control, neighborhood security and lighting. Finally, the proposal includes a sunset clause that would end paid parking seven years from the day collections start. If paid parking is beneficial, the council could extend the clause.”

This is a matter for the people of Galveston to decide.

However, as someone  who visited Galveston every six weeks or so for the nearly 13 years I’ve lived in Houston, I can say I’d be very willing to pay to park at the Seawall.

Galveston has the right to charge a modest fee to recoup the costs of maintaining and improving the Seawall. As much as I enjoy walking at the ocean in Galveston and walking on the Seawall, it is clear that it is a bare bones operation without even the most basic amenities  such as a public restroom. The $8 daily fee or the $25 annual pass is affordable even to lower-income visitors. Many people visit the Seawall with friends and family. The cost of parking could easily be split between passengers in a vehicle.

Here is a list of improvements that seawall parking would fund as according to Blog.Galveston.com

  • Vehicular controls, management, and parking
  • Sanitation and litter control
  • Law enforcement/Neighborhood and Seawall Security
  • Beach/dune system education
  • Public facilities (restrooms, equipment rentals, picnic areas
  • Recreational and refreshment facilities
  • Wash off stations
  • Necessary staff and personnel
As long as the parking fee remains affordable, the people of Galveston have the right to raise the money needed to well-maintain a public asset as valuable as the Seawall. It seems that the entire City of Galveston would benefit from the money raised by this modest fee.

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  1. Those are all important issues you listed but the meters is no way to go about addressing them. I wrote a full length article about the meters bill passing and what it will mean. I also listed the prices if you want to know. I expect they’ll go up. This is just to get one foot in the door. Here it is. I’d appreciate if you gave mine a read as well.

    Comment by galvestoninterests | May 16, 2011

  2. this is more of a questing what about parking RV`s on the sea wall how will tat work people will be willing to pay to park then and if hay take up two parking places and pay for tow will this be allowed

    Comment by mitchell porcelli | June 26, 2011

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