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Planned Parenthood Of Houston & Southeast Texas Providing Vital Health Services—Get The Word Out

I attended the Planned Parenthood of Houston & Southeast Texas Action Fund annual lunch this past Wednesday. I sat at the blogger table you see in the picture. I’m glad to have a role as a blogger in getting the facts out for people to consider.

(My friend Perry Dorrell wrote about this lunch at Brains & Eggs.  Here is how the Houston blog nonsequiteuse commented on the lunch. )

The attacks on Planned Parenthood and the health services provided by Planned Parenthood are not about abortion. They are about conservative political power. They are connected to ongoing attacks on immigrants and unions. The freedom of all people is connected. Conservatives grasp this. That’s why they go after everybody. I wish sometimes that folks on the left and in the middle understood this as clearly as does the right.

Here is the link to the action fund with information on how you can donate and volunteer. 

Here are the full range of services provided by Planned Parenthood in Texas. 

Do you want the people in your life to get so-called help at one of those of phony pregnancy crisis centers that are fronts for the religious right, or would you rather be certain that folks are getting real care from real professionals?

Here is information on the forced sonogram bill which will soon be law in Texas. If the State of Texas can force one type of medical procedure on free citizens, it can force any type of unwanted medical procedure on free citizens.

Don’t stand idly by and let people take your rights away. Use whatever resources you have to get the word out that whether it be attacks on the right to join a union, on agencies that provide vital health services, or on the right to a well-funded public education–That the freedom and progress of all people is connected.

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