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Flat Tire Offered Many Opportunities

The flat tire I had a few days ago provided me with a number of opportunities.

1. While waiting for the AAA roadside assistance gentleman, I read a few pages of the book about President James K. Polk I’m currently reading.

2. I was able to tip the AAA gentleman $5 for his help. All our fellow working people merit respect. How we treat our fellow working people is a measure of our own self-respect. Almost all of us must work for a living.

3. The flat tire allowed me to take the picture you see above and provided me with the material for this blog post.

4. I got a new tire yesterday. While waiting for the tire to be changed, I took an almost hour-long walk in the sunshine.

I’m aware of the fact that a lot of things in life are lousy. We should not lose sight of all that is lousy.  We can only address the problems we know exist.

I’m simply saying we can make the best out of an inconvenience if we put some effort and imagination into our response to life’s daily hassles.

Here is an article on the history of automobile tires.  At the bottom of the article is an extensive series of links on the subject of tires.

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