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Resources To Learn About Texas—175th Anniversary Of Texas Independence

Today marks the 175th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  This was the battle in which Texas Independence was won from Mexico.

To mark the day, Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat is trying to use some Republic of Texas currency to buy a book of Texas history. Hamburger is a member of the Texas Liberal Panel of Experts.

While many conservative Texans might wish that this currency was still valid, I may have  to spot Hamburger a few real dollars to buy the book.

It should be recalled that most Texans at the time wanted Texas to join the federal union as a state.

Below are some resources to learn more about Texas.

Everybody has the ability to learn for themselves about the subjects they view as important in life. The resources to learn about the world are all around us, and are accessible with effort and imagination.

Lone Star Nation–The Epic Story of the Battle for Texas Independence by H.W. Brands will tell you all you need to know about how Texans won independence from Mexico.

Texas: A Modern History by David McComb is short and readable history of Texas history all the way up to the current century.

The Texas Almanac is simply one of the best reference books I own on any topic. The Almanac is published by the Texas State Historical Society.

(The budget of the Texas State Historical Society is under attack from Governor Rick Perry and Republicans in Texas. Is this how we should honor Texas history?) 

The Handbook of Texas Online is very comprehensive on many aspects of Texas both past and present. The Handbook is also published by the Texas Historical Society.

Here is the link for San Jacinto Museum.  You can see the San Jacinto battlefield at this site.

Here is the link to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville.

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May 1 Houston March For Working People And For Fair Treatment For All

As the posters below indicate, there will be a big march and rally in Houston on May 1, 2011 for worker’s rights and fair treatment of immigrants.

Everybody has the ability to take part in our democracy and to work for a better Houston, Texas, and nation.

The Tea Party organized and head the upper hand in 2010. Is this what you want for 2012?

It is up to each individual to make the decision to work with others for a more hopeful future.  There is more to public policy and politics than tax cuts for people doing well and cuts for working people and for people in a tough spot in life.

Click here to learn more about this event.   

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