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Holding Out For Nader

At least one good citizen of Houston is still holding out for Ralph Nader to be allowed to take part in Presidential debates.

The 2000 debates between George Bush and Al Gore would have served the public better if Mr. Nader had been involved.

While there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats, the big money donors and corporations seem in firm control no matter what.

Mr. Nader’s citizen activism is still a useful lesson. We as citizens are going to have to take our nation back from the coalition of the wealthy and mean-spirited who often have the upper hand in our political debates.

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Next Year May We Be Free

The following refers to the matzoh that was eaten in my home tonight at our Passover Seder, and is taken from the Haggadah that is read each year at Passover—

This is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt. All who are hungry-let them come and eat. All who are needy-let them come and celebrate the Passover with us. Now we are here; next year may we be in the Land of Israel. Now we are slaves; next year may we be free.

You can take this as literal or metaphoric. In any case, there is always the hope of being freed from bondage and affliction, and there is always the hope that we can move towards the place in life that we see as best and most just.

Here are facts about Passover, the Haggadah, and the Passover Seder. Passover marks the freedom of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.

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