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The Stone Which Has Been Rejected Will Become The Cornerstone

At the Houston Astros’ game this weekend, I saw these two stones outside the stadium.

It reminded me of Psalm 118 in the Bible where it says--depending on which translation you read—“The stone that has been rejected will become the cornerstone.”

Those stones may seem discarded, but I bet they have some useful purpose.

Everybody has some purpose.

Sometimes the person who seems furthest away from what the mainstream of society is doing, or from what people who hold power want us to believe , is the person who in the end proves to have been speaking the truth all along.

The things we need to interpret the world and to communicate what we see in the world are all around us.

Some stones lying around. A camera phone. A measure of imagination and effort.

That’s all it takes. Just about anybody can do it. Folks often have much more ability than they realize.

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