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Harris Party Green Party Fundraiser On March 31—If Our Elected Leaders Can Party Shop, Why Can’t You?

There will be a Harris Party Green Party fundraiser held at Bohemeo’s–located at 708 Telephone Road in Houston–at 8 PM on Thursday, March 31.

If Democratic Mayor Annise Parker can attend the big Harris County Republican fundraiser and Democratic Councilmember C.O Bradford can hang out with Republicans, than I don’t see why anybody else can’t shop around a little bit among this various political parties.

There is always room for new voices and new ideas. I can’t imagine that many progressives and liberals in Houston can be overly contented with the municipal and county leadership of either major party in Houston and Harris County.

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Family Entertainment

I watched the 1955 Katherine Hepburn movie Summertime a few weeks back.

I caught this scene where Ms. Hepburn gave a small Italian boy a cigarette.

I wish we could get back to those good old days of wholesome entertainment.

Things were so much better back in the day.

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