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Most Often The Flood Recedes

I’m feeling a bit inundated with the need to catch up with personal correspondence and with the need to nail down some ideas for future blog posts and other projects I’m working on.

I’ve still not caught up with life after two weeks away in Ohio to deal with family concerns.

So please excuse the brevity of this post and the absence of links.

Either you run the blog or the blog runs you.

The picture is one I took earlier this month of the flooding Ohio River in Cincinnati.

As you see for yourself, the picture suggests the concept of feeling inundated.

The good thing is that most often the flood recedes.

Understanding that the river is flooded might be seen as a value of the political left in that we are understanding the role of circumstance.

What can we do about the fact that the river is flooded?

Taking action to catch up on things I need to do to despite the adverse circumstance of the flooding river, might be seen by a few as a value of the political right.

I’m moving ahead despite temporarily frustrating circumstances.

My view is that the values of the political left involve both seeing the world as it is, and responding in the most hopeful way you can find.

We are wrong to cede to the political right taken as a whole any virtue at all.

Individuals of all beliefs may have many virtues, but in these times of right-wing extremism in the United States, we must indeed focus on self-reliance as we seek to move forward.

There is always something we can do to move forward.

This post did not end up being so brief after all.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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