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Leaving In One Way Or Another

After two weeks, it is time for me to leave Cincinnati.

I’ll be returning to Houston in a standard manner. I’m going to get on an airplane and fly home.

There are more showy ways to take your leave.

For example, above you see where The Waterfront restaurant had been moored on the Covington, Kentucky side of the Ohio River at Cincinnati. Last Friday night the place was unmoored by strong river currents.

Many people were dining and working at The Waterfront at the time. The good news is that the barge the restaurant sits on did not float very far. Everybody was rescued and nobody was hurt.

Below is a picture from last Sunday of the barge being pushed by tugs to another spot along the river.

I’ll be making a much less noteworthy departure today.

(Photos copyright Neil Aquino 2011)

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