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Houston-Based King Street Patriot Tea Party Cell Wins Ronald Reagan Award—Prize Is Well-Deserved

The so-called King Street Patriots have won the 2011 Ronald Reagan Award at the recently concluded Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington.

(Above–Ronald Reagan in 1980 campaigning in South Carolina with Senator Strom Thrumond. Mr. Thurmond is seen here to the left of Mr. Reagan. Senator Thurmond was a 1948 Dixiecrat candidate for President.)

The King Street Patriots are a Tea Party cell based here in Houston.

CPAC is a national confederation of extreme conservative activists. At the 2011 meeting, libertarian Houston-area U.S. Representative Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll.

Rep. Paul is the libertarian who loves earmarks.

Consistent with the views of portions of the American right, Rep. Paul invited an economist with ties to group advocating southern secession to testify before the House committee he chairs.

In what way did the King Street Patriots (KSP) Tea Party cell reflect the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan?  Why did this group merit the award?

Did the King Street Patriots equal Ronald Reagan’s neglect of the AIDS crisis even as thousands died?

Well…even though the Tea Party position of repeal for Healthcare Reform would cause Americans to lose needed care and to die, this is not why KSP won the Reagan prize.

Did the King Street Patriots match the Gipper in doing to harm to our environment? Remember Mr. Reagan’s nature-hating Interior Secretary James Watt?

Well…even though the Tea Party had a part in electing a Republican leadership in Texas that has pursued environmental polices so bad that even conservative Oklahoma complained to the EPA about the bad air drifting over from Texas, this is not why the King Street folks took the Reagan award for 2011.

Did the King Street Patriots live up to Mr. Reagan’s legacy of making an important 1980 campaign appearance in Philadelphia, Mississippi—near the location of brutal crimes against Civil Rights workers in the 1960’s–and saying “I believe in states rights.”

You got it.

The King Street Patriots won the Reagan prize for their efforts against non-existent voter fraud in majority-minority Harris County, Texas.

As many Southern whites regress to the solid one-party politics of a shameful past, Republicans and allied Tea Party groups around the nation are working hard to put up obstacles to voting by likely Democratic voters.

With Harris County and Texas undergoing massive demographic change, Republicans are afraid that they will lose control of the county and the state.

As much as I don’t like what the so-called King Street Patriots are doing, they are doing things the law permits. We are not going to change the minds of people in these Tea Party cells. They have a right to act in any manner within the law no matter how offensive and wrong.

The real issue is for folks on our side of the aisle to meet the challenge and to make progress. Progress is always possible.

Voter registration drives of likely Democratic voters should be taking place year round. Lawyers should be in place to defend these registration efforts. Our fellow citizens need to know they will backed up when they go to vote.

Democratic elected officials, along with the civil rights and progressive groups, must work together with the same common purpose we often see on the right.  Everyday citizens must be invloved in doing the work of freedom.

It is up to each of as individuals to make the decision to work collectively for the causes we value.


Some resources on the topic of voting—

Here is information on voting in Texas.

A new book on the subject of voter fraud is The Myth of Voter Fraud by Lori Minnite.

Here is a Green Party history of voting rights in the United States.

Here is the web home of the Harris County Democratic Party. Ask them what they are doing to make sure all people in Harris County are being allowed to vote.

And don’t forget–You are your own best resource for the change you want to see.

(Below–1867 drawing of newly freed black men voting. Women would not get the vote until 1920. And of course, near-total resistance to blacks voting went on well into the 1960’s.)

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  1. The KSP are all white to me!

    Comment by john cobarruvias | February 17, 2011

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by SteveTaff, who will be the. who will be the said: Houston-Based King Street Patriot Tea Party Cell Wins Ronald …: Well…even though the Tea Party had a part in e… http://bit.ly/h8JcAs […]

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  3. I read your obvious disrespect for President Reagan, any award carrying his name, and any group winning this award; in this instance the King Street Patriots. In truth, they received recognition for their non-partisan stance for free and fair elections and their actions against voter fraud in Harris County. Contrary to what you would have your readers believe, voter registration irregularities are alive and well in Harris County(http://www.scribd.com/doc/36373624/Leo-Vasquez-Statement-on-Houston-Votes-Registration-Irregularities). This group of concerned volunteer citizens took it upon themselves to identify voter registration irregularities and illegal Election activities, document the results, and provide this evidence to the proper legal authorities for follow up action. Hopefully the county, state and federal authorities now involved will take proper legal action rather than playing partisan politics.

    The right to vote is a precious right in our society. Every American citizen who has not given up this right through illegal activities should register to vote and vote in elections, regardless of party affiliation or ethnicity. They further should not have this right diluted, offset, or denied by the improper actions of others. This is the message that I would hope your readers embrace.

    Comment by BWilhm | February 17, 2011

  4. I couldn’t help notice that you call this tea party a “Tea party cell”…clever how you use the language of hate to paint a bunch of retirees, including many vets, with the word we most associate with terrorists groups. Clearly, though your heading says “All People Matter”, you only mean those who share your opinions. Talk about intolerance and hate speech. Sheesh.

    Comment by Ava | February 17, 2011

  5. Yes, Ava, Neil often does that. He really doesn’t care about “all people” at all. Whether he is enjoying a free lunch on the taxpayer dime, or eating lobster on the private sector’s dime, it doesn’t seem to matter as long as it is free and some homeless dude starves.

    But that’s okay, we are there to feed the homeless guy from private funds and to pay the taxes it takes to feed Neil so that he can promote more taxation.

    Anyone really wonder why we are tired of that?

    Comment by David Jennings | February 17, 2011

  6. My blog has become a Tea Party meet up!

    David is very resentful that I had a lobster on my half-brother’s dime at a fancy Houston restaurant. David it seems does not believe in the sainted Mr. Reagan’s Trickle Down views. It almost seems like class warfare on David’s part.

    Here I was out with family and spending money in the private sector and for that I’m a bad guy. With some folks you just can’t win!

    It sure was a tasty lobster.

    Thanks for all your comments here.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 17, 2011

  7. Ooh, a “cell!” That’s extra scary!

    You’re being unserious again (or still), Neil.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | February 18, 2011

  8. Matt— It is all absurdity. If anything, I give it too much credit. Thanks for your comments here.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 18, 2011

  9. I’m not sure what the antecedent to that “it” is.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | February 18, 2011

  10. Okay Matt–The tea party and much of what passes for political debate in our nation is absurd.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 18, 2011

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