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Blog On Track For Today Despite Minor Technical Derailment

(Blogger’s Note 2/22-11—Welcome Blog Houston readers. Blog Houston has linked to this spot in a post about Metro and a lunch that Metro held for local bloggers.  I have not yet written about this lunch beyond this one  post which I tossed up because I was having technical problems with the blog that day.  This being the case, suggesting I’ve fallen sway to a PR push it not correct . Conservative  bloggers, including at least one person from Blog Houston, were invited to the Metro blogger lunch. At that lunch, high-ranking Metro officials were available and open for any questions.  Blog Houston decided not to attend.  Blog Houston could have covered any subject matter they wanted with Metro at that lunch. It seems to be that rather then being a serious part of any debate, what Blog Houston wants to do is reflexively complain.)

I had another post planned for today, but the WordPress on my computer at home has been glitchy.

I’m writing this post on my phone from a lunch being held for Houston bloggers by Metro. Metro is the public transit agency in Houston.

The lunch is at a big Metro train facility. With this post is a picture of some light rail trains.

These trains run on a set route of tracks each day. You might require a greater measure of metaphoric flexibility in your life.

While this is not the post I had planned for the blog reading public, please know that I am indeed working for you.

And I’m getting lunch out of it.

I’ll have more on my trip to Metro in upcoming posts.

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