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Many Links To Very Good Blogs—TPA Blogger Round-Up

At the end of this post is the current weekly round-up of the Texas Progressive Alliance. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA bloggers work hard for a better Texas and a better nation. Please visit TPA blogs whenever you get the chance.

A good thing about being a blogger is that you get to know fellow bloggers. Some you meet over the internet. Others you might meet in person as I’ve been able to meet other Houston bloggers.

(Above–Bloggers in the 1950’s used the IBM 1620 Model 1 Level A computer. It was portable if you had a crew of people to lift it and a truck to cart it around.)

I’ve been lucky in the last few weeks to be found by  the writers of three strong new blogs. The folks who write these blogs have been nice enough to visit Texas Liberal often and to leave comments from time-to-time.

Blogging on a regular or even semi-regular basis takes effort. It is good to have the support of people willing to make that effort for things they see as important.

These things being so, please allow me to offer up the links to new blogger friends I’ve made and, also, links to some more established blogs I’ve formed a relationship with in my time writing Texas Liberal.

Three new blogs—

* Spinny Liberal is out of the San Francisco area.  Spinny is clearly putting effort and creativity into her blog.

* Woodgatesview is written in Denton, Texas. Blogger Larry Beck is providing a solid post each day.

* Lesbians In My Soup is written by Katy Anders in Houston. Katy is making her points well. I hope she keeps up with the blogging.

Four established blogs—

* Wandering Off is a travel blog written by Sarah V. in San Antonio. Sarah always has great pictures of her and her family out visiting interesting places.

* Jobsanger is written by Ted McLaughlin in Amarillo, Texas. Ted is a real pro. While regretfully being a pro at blogging does not pay so much, Ted gives his audience a good effort every day.

* The Field Negro in Philadelphia has had a great deal of merited success with his blog.

* Skippy the bush kangaroo is a blog with a large audience willing to give me a plug when I was new at blogging.

If you are a blogger who often visits this shop, please let me know. Please excuse me for leaving you out of this post.

There are three other blogs in addition to Texas Liberal I post at on a regular basis.

These three blogs are—

* The Daily Hurricane. Written in Houston by blog owner Bob Cavnar and a great crew of bloggers, I’m pleased to be on-board at the Hurricane.

* Where’s The Outrage? Dr. Errington Thompson of Ashville, North Carolina writes this blog. Errington offered me space at his shop when I was just starting as a blogger. He does a great job at WTO?

* The Houston Chronicle. I’m a featured politcal reader-blogger at the Chronicle.

Finally, here is a blog that simply holds my personal interest—

* Maritime Texas Blog posts only every so often, but I always enjoy the pictures and the information.

Here, as promised, is the TPA round-up–

Bay Area Houston submits a press release from Rick Perry: TX Gov Rick Perry puts the Chupacabra on emergency legislation.

Off the Kuff conducted an interview with Houston city attorney David Feldman to discuss the upcoming city council redistricting process.

Harold at Letters From Texas poked fun at the Texas weather on bothWednesday and Friday.

While the Big Gas Mafia is pumping diesel fuel into the ground in the name of national security and energy independence, they have been quietly planning to ship a bunch of it to China. TXsharon at BLUEDAZE: Drilling Reform for Texas wants you to think about who profits and who pays for this so-called “clean energy.”

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme notes that privatizing essential services promotes profits, not the general welfare. The Corpus Christi Caller Times pretends (or not) to be all stupid about the rolling blackouts.

Texans came to the shivering realization last week that the energy capital of the world can’t keep its lights on. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs provides the reveal. Continue reading

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