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It Is Wrong To Spread Story Of Alleged Multiple Affairs By Married House Speaker John Boehner

The Texas Liberal Panel of Experts–Cactus, Samuel Slater Bobblehead, Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat & Extinct, are reading the John Boehner sex scandal story in the current National Enquirer.

The panel thinks it very wrong to spread the story that the married Speaker has possibly been involved with at least two other women.

They would never spread such a story about Speaker Boehner allegedly having multiple affairs.

Never would they do such a thing.

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  1. I can’t see the Astro’s hat.

    Comment by Kevin | February 11, 2011

  2. Hamburger is so shocked by what he is reading that his head is bowed in shame. As such, the hat is not is visible.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 11, 2011

  3. Thank you for staying above the fray.

    Comment by citizenx | February 13, 2011

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