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Socialist Government Snowplows On The Advance All Over Nation

I’ve not seen any Tea Party/Republican Party volunteers out over last two icy days in Houston to sand the roads, direct traffic if signals were out, or respond to accidents on the road.

Where was the Tea Party? When are these folks going to step up and stop letting government do it all?

(Above—Socialism advancing. Photo by SnowKing 1.)

I wonder if anywhere in our wintery nation Republican voters got together  as self-reliant citizens to refuse the socialist city, county, and state snow plows?

Rather than letting government do the work of free people, where were the citizen-shovelers?

Sacrifice is always for somebody else in the Tea Party/Republican Party world view.

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  1. Good point! I’ve shared this post on Stumble Upon.

    Comment by Sarah V. | February 5, 2011

  2. Sarah–Thank you.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 7, 2011

  3. Should be obvious. If government can do something well maybe government should do it. Even Teapartiers understand this, thus they don’t object to snowplows or fire departments.

    Comment by Bacopa | February 7, 2011

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