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Video Of Houston Police Beating Of Chad Holley Needed To Be Seen

It is good that after many months the video of some Houston police officers beating up Chad Holley has finally been released.

(Update 2/8/11—The Houston NAACP will be holding a community meeting on this subject on 2/8 at the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church at 3015 North MacGregor Way in Houston. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.)

(Update 5/17-12—My reaction to the innocent verdict in the first Holley beating trial.) 

The people of Houston have the right to see this video.

(Above–Frame from video of Chad Holley beating.)

Here is the link to the video. Also at this link is the reaction of Houston Mayor Annise Parker to the showing of the tape. Mayor Parker had not wanted the video to be released.

Mr. Holley, who was 15 at the time, has since the beating been convicted of burglary.

Mr. Holley had clearly surrendered to police when he was violently punched and kicked by Houston police officers.

Here is what Mayor Parker said after the video was shown for the first time on Houston television station KTRK—

“…. In fact, it will probably go worldwide. it is not reflective of the men and women who serve the city of Houston, that we took action to remove those officers immediately from the Houston Police Department and we will fight to keep those officers from ever coming back to the Houston Police Department”

Well…Maybe the tape does not reflect Houston police conduct. But there do seem to be a number of officers in the tape who were willing to behave in an unnecessarily violent fashion.

Here is a KTRK report on how police officers are disciplined in Houston.

From that report—-

“Seven of the Houston police officers on the tape seen beating Chad Holley were fired for what the police chief saw… But in Houston, firing a police officer doesn’t always mean they stay fired…”

Most Houston police officers are good people and dedicated public servants. People owe police officers every measure of respect.

At the same time, citizens have the right to know when public employees are not doing the job they are paid to do in a correct fashion.

Mayor Parker was wrong from the start to oppose release of the tape.

The video may “go worldwide” as the Mayor says she fears, but she has had every opportunity  since she became Mayor in 2009 to address the underlying social and economic conditions in Houston that help propel young people in our city towards crime.

To my recollection, the Mayor has never taken up that subject.

Let people see the facts as they are in Houston.

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Socialist Government Snowplows On The Advance All Over Nation

I’ve not seen any Tea Party/Republican Party volunteers out over last two icy days in Houston to sand the roads, direct traffic if signals were out, or respond to accidents on the road.

Where was the Tea Party? When are these folks going to step up and stop letting government do it all?

(Above—Socialism advancing. Photo by SnowKing 1.)

I wonder if anywhere in our wintery nation Republican voters got together  as self-reliant citizens to refuse the socialist city, county, and state snow plows?

Rather than letting government do the work of free people, where were the citizen-shovelers?

Sacrifice is always for somebody else in the Tea Party/Republican Party world view.

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