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I’m Not Certain The Roads Are Very Safe In Houston Today—Please Don’t End Up Killing Somebody

Above are two pictures of Houston highways today.

Icy rain fell on Houston overnight.

As telling as are the accidents, even more revealing is how few people are on those highways.

Hopefully you have the day off and don’t have to drive.

Many roads will have ice on them for much of the day. It is not going to warm up very much at all.

Take the day to read, write, think, advocate for a cause, or to talk to the people in your life.

Or–Shut your door and play video games.

Just stay off the roads to the extent possible so you don’t get killed and so you do not end up killing somebody else.

It is—Without forgetting the large part circumstance plays in life—up to you to decide what to make of your day.

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Liberal Sources To Learn About Events In Egypt

Protests in Egypt are ongoing.

It is always of value to get the liberal viewpoint on the great world issues.

(Above–The Nation.)

Below are some liberal sources to read about events in Egypt. The link is either to a specific article or to a package of writings about Egypt.  In any case, it would be of value to explore the sites linked to in this post.

The American Prospect is monthly magazine of liberal opinion and policy. I have a home subscription.

The Progressive has been fighting the good fight for over 100 years.

Mother Jones did a great job on coverage of the BP spill. Now they are working hard to report on Egypt.

The Nation is one of the oldest liberal voices in the U.S.

Salon is an online magazine writing extensively on Egypt.

The Atlantic has something of value to say.

Talking Points Memo is a blog/online magazine that merits frequent reading.

This is by no means a complete list. If you have a source you value, please leave a comment.

None of us have enough time to read everything that we would like to read. Still, we can take a few moments to support the media outlets that do the hard work to support our beliefs and goals.

As I mentioned above with The American Prospect, I subscribe to one of these publications. Please consider offering your financial support to these great sources of investigative reporting and astute analysis of current events.

It is up to all of us to do the hard work of freedom. We can’t rely on others to get the facts out to the public. We have to offer our help and support.

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