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Where Are GOP/Tea Party Citizen-Volunteers To Help Make Up Texas Budget Cuts?—Is It Only Volunteer Militias They Wish To Join?

The state budget proposed by the Republican-led Texas State Senate is as brutal and irresponsible at that proposed by the Republican-led Texas House.

Instead of rasing the taxes we need in Texas to live as full human beings with quality education and decent health care, the Texas Republican plan for the $25 billion shortfall is to cut without regard to the future of our state.

Texas is 43rd of the 50 states in overall tax burden.

Will states rights views be of value when your kids are not educated as well as kids in other places, and when you are sick and need help?

One thing I’ve been wondering about is where are the citizen volunteers in Texas to help make up cuts caused by the deficit? I thought the whole Tea Party/Republican Party idea was that individual citizens, private business places, and church groups can do the work of government.

You know–Like the good old days when everybody would pitch in for a barn raising such as you see in the picture above.

I’m looking to private initiatives to help educate people are impacted by classroom cuts, and to help tend to sick people who lose access to care. I know Texans will “man up” and help build roads, and help clean and maintain our state parks.


Last year in Oklahoma there was a suggestion by Tea Party leaders and by some members of the Oklahoma legislature that a volunteer citizen militia be created. Citizen militia groups played a role in the 2010 elections in both Alaska and Kentucky.

Do these folks only pitch in when they can shoot guns and make up plans to fight liberals in the streets?

I’m certain we will soon have bake sales and garage sales to help fund needed services in Texas. I know once the extent of the problem is seen by everyday Texans, that our church groups and civic groups will rally to help our state.


Fellow blogger John Coby at Bay Area Houston suggests government employees in Texas who vote Republican should willingly give up their jobs. These government-employed Republicans are people voted for folks they knew would bash and slash government to the extent possible.

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