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The Tea Party Agenda For Our Nation—Is This What You Want?

What does the so-called Tea Party stand for? What is the Tea Party agenda?

A recent blog post by Tea Party follower David Jennings at his Houston and Texas political blog Big Jolly Politics gives a clear sense of the ideologically extreme Tea Party agenda.

Mr. Jennings regularly attends and offers up observations from meetings of Tea Party cells. His most recent report from the Clear Lake Tea Party here in Houston gives a clear sense of a radical, unworkable, and often un-American Tea Party vision for our nation.

Reporting on a talk given the Clear Lake Tea Party member named Robert Gonzales, who Mr. Jennings describes as the “founder” of this local Tea Party cell, Mr. Jennings offers up a list Tea Party priorities for the days ahead.

Here are some of these Tea Party priorities as reported by Mr. Jennings—

* “Reject Obamacare.”

Repeal of Healthcare Reform will allow insurance companies  to once again toss people off coverage because they get sick, and will allow insurance companies to once again impose lifetime caps on policies. Is that what we want to go back to in our nation? Read about Healthcare Reform for yourself. It does a lot of good. For the extreme right in this nation, the issue is not the good points or the weak points of Healthcare Reform. Instead, it is all about political ideology and scoring political points no matter the merits of the program. You see the same with the reflexive far-right rejection to the idea of global warming.  No facts of any kind matter in the discussion. Ideology and anger are all that counts.

* ” Reinstate Judeo-Christian Values. ….Prayer back in schools and hanging the Ten Commandments in public buildings…”

People can pray anytime they want.  People can live true each and every day to the religious values they hold. Are these values so weak that they must be posted in every building? This would be little different from how an insecure and fearful totalitarian state posts propaganda in every classroom and in every possible location. Where is the confidence in ideas that Christians hold as eternal?  Does Christianity need government support? Can’t people find the truth for themselves rather than forcing one idea of truth on an ever-more diverse nation? What will stop a future government from posting anti-Christian messages in public buildings at some point?

* ” English as the official language….”

It sure would be intrusive of government to tell people how they should speak.  Will the declaration of an official language come with a language police? Will private business places that advertise to Spanish speaking customers or Chinese speaking customers be subject to fines or some type of official sanction?  Will people inform on others who are speaking the wrong language? We could set up a whole new language enforcement bureaucracy.

* “….Deport all illegal aliens, post the army along the border…”

How would we find all the undocumented people in this country? Raids into private business places and into private homes? Informants?  Does the Tea Party think they will just turn themselves in to the authorities?  Does the Tea Party think family and friends will just allow these people to plucked from their homes without a fight? If all undocumented people are being deported, what would they have to lose by fighting back? Do we really want the army employed for domestic purposes? Will the army take part in the raids to track down the so-called illegals? Once our country is cleansed of the illegals, what domestic mission will our army next be given? How about enforcing the payment of taxes? I think the army would be very useful for that purpose.

* “Repeal property taxes.”

Those three words are the extent of what Mr. Jennings wrote as the Tea Party goal on this subject. We already have no income taxes in Texas. Due to Republican mismanagement, Texas has a budget deficit of over $25 billion. Texas is nowhere near first in the quality of education we offer our children. How is “repeal property taxes” a serious idea in any respect?

* “ Reassert states rights under the 10th Amendment: Eliminate funding for EPA, education.”

It is worth noting that states rights is found in the Tea Party creed in the same place as is eliminating EPA and education funding. This is the states rights doctrine. It is about separating ourselves from the nation as a whole. Yet the air in Texas can be so bad that even the Republican State of Oklahoma has complained to the federal government. Being a bad neighbor can infringe on the rights of others. People in Houston know how bad the pollution was before stricter environmental regulations.

Do you think we should eliminate education funding? Kids who grow up in Texas are going to have to compete for jobs with kids from the rest of the nation and from around the world. Adherence to the lost cause of states rights will be cold comfort when you are breathing even more toxic air, and you are not educated well enough to get a job.

This radical Tea Party agenda is held by only a minority of Americans. But in mid-term elections with reduced turnout, a minority can easily carry the day. The same can be said for local elections that draw less attention than a Presidential election. The Tea Party is holding meetings and organizing.  Far-right ideas are held by some of the loudest voices in the 24 hour internet/cable news landscape.

It is the choice of every freedom loving American who values the future of our nation to either get involved in public affairs or, instead, to allow your life to be defined by others. Is the Tea Party/Republican Party plan outlined above what you want to see for  yourself, for your family, and for your nation?

Copyright 2011 Neil Aquino

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  1. Really Neil? Language police? Just as you say “People can pray anytime they want”, people can speak to each other in any language they want. There will be no language gestapo breaking windows of restaurants where employees speak Spanish. No one is going to tap your phone to see if you’re conversing in Hmong. It is simply that the official language of government business is English. No effect whatsoever on private businesses. Sounds like you’re spreading more unfounded FUD.

    Comment by Hamous | January 16, 2011

  2. “Can’t people find the truth for themselves rather than forcing one idea of truth on an ever-more diverse nation?”

    That was brilliant.

    Comment by spinnyliberal | January 16, 2011

  3. I think you nailed it Neil. These guys are relics of the past. I honestly don’t think they would allow the founding fathers in their organization today since they were lawyers and intellectual types that believed most of the Bible was bumpkus.

    I’ve just started my own progressive texas blog called woodgatesview here with wordpress, so glad to see there are a few of us that are still around to put up a fight. Stop by and pay me a visit


    Comment by lbwoodgate | January 17, 2011

  4. Hamous–So government helping folks get health insurance will lead to socialism, but government can be trusted not to intrude further when they endorse a specific language or a specific religion?

    I see.

    spinnyliberal—Thank you. Once in awhile I get lucky.

    ibwoodgate–I’ll check your shop out and add you to blogroll. Please visit here again.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 17, 2011

  5. Oh there is more! The very idiots who wanted noting to do with Obama because he was going to kill Medicare, actually voted for the very people who want to KILL MEDICARE.

    Biggest collection of ignorant idiots on the face of the planet.

    Comment by john cobarruvias | January 17, 2011

  6. john cobarruvias – I don’t think I’ll ever figure out why people vote against their own interests.

    Comment by spinnyliberal | January 17, 2011

  7. […] Tea party blogger who had just attended a Tea Party meeting, Neil at Texas Liberal wrote about the Tea Party vision of America. Will English-only require a federal language bereaucracy? Will deportation of all undocumented […]

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  8. The English language demand bothers me, not because I expect a language gestapo, but I would expect what happened last time we banned a language. It was illegal to speak, read, or write German in Texas from 1917 to 1929. The anti-German laws helped destroy a business community here in Houston. Having English as an official language is not a problem; the actions behind it are a concern.Also, if our state is so focused on creating a great environment for business, should we not want an educated workforce? We seem to be racing to the bottom.

    Comment by Frank Schulte-Ladbeck | January 20, 2011

  9. Our country is just fine. I am 70, retired, widow. I believe
    We’re a great nation of all religion’s, races,
    and cultures. All have given to this nation.
    What we do need is to have a 2 party republic
    that want whats best for the entire country, NOT what is in the best interest of their party.
    The tea party comes across as a group that wants to tell you how to live, what religion is best. NO THANK YOU. As a Lutheran Christian we don’t need it. We’re not the
    13 struggling colonies, we’re 50 great states
    and we didn’t stray from our “Founding Fathers” Tea party seems to be a narrow minded religious group that wants to control.
    Thank you Pres. Obama, you’ve done a great job. Jobs, are starting to increase, the economy is slowly going up. You have my vote.

    Comment by shirley mitchem | January 21, 2011

  10. […] Tea party blogger who had just attended a Tea Party meeting, Neil at Texas Liberal wrote about the Tea Party vision of America. Will English-only require a federal language bereaucracy? Will deportation of all undocumented […]

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  11. Oh Neil, stop being a liar and hater…

    Comment by Linda Trousdale | July 2, 2012

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