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Picture Of 14 Foot Long Alligator

The picture you see with this post is of a 14 foot long alligator. You can’t quite tell it is 14 feet long, but it is indeed such a creature. It was huge like a pre-historic monster.

This beast lives, for the moment, at the Newport, Kentucky Aquarium. The alligator is named Mighty Mike and is 50 years old.

I’m sorry this alligator is a prisoner in a fish jail like an aquarium. But otherwise it was going to be shot as a safety risk to humans in Florida. And, frankly, nature is not such a nice place for animals. Animals die all the time out in nature. They are eaten by other animals and shot and poisoned by people.

Mighty Mike now tours various aquariums in the U.S.

If I were home now instead of on the road, I’d include some links to learn about alligators and reptiles. But I’m doing the blog on the fly for the moment.

I’d encourage you to take some time today to learn about alligators and reptiles and whatever it is you find of interest in life.

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