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Working People Celebrated In Cincinnati Mural—Let’s Have Confidence In Ourselves

I’m sitting right now in the giant half-rotunda of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal.

The picture with this post is a section of Winold Reiss’ famous mural depicting the history of Cincinnati.

You see both black and white working people in the photo.

This would be a better nation if we could see ourselves more clearly as fellow working people—no matter if white collar or blue collar— and not tear each down because of resentments,or due to racial and ethnic differences.

I think respect for fellow working people is in good part about self-respect. Let’s have the confidence in ourselves to have faith in our ability for collective action. Let’s have the confidence in ourselves to fight back and win against rising income inequality and declining benefits and wages.

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  1. Good to see one of Union Terminal’s famous murals featured. Your ongoing support for the working person is much appreciated.

    Comment by Newton | January 8, 2011

  2. Newton—We all need to stick together. That’s my view at least. It is a view I wish more shared.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 10, 2011

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