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Mean Rachel And TPA Bloggers Leading The Fight On Texas Rep. Aaron Pena’s Shameful Betrayal Of His Constituents

Texas political blogger Rachel Farris has been leading the charge to draw attention to the sorry behavior of party-switching Texas State Representative Aaron Pena.

Ms. Farris, who writes the blog Mean Rachel, initiated “Call Out Aaron Pena Day.” The intent of this event was to encourage people to block Mr. Pena’s twitter feed, defriend him on Facebook, and, for those who gave Mr. Pena when he was running as a Democrat just last month, to ask for a return of campaign donations.

The Houston Chronicle wrote about Call Out Aaron Pena Day.

Ms. Farris also contends, correctly, that Mr. Pena should resign and run to win his seat as a Republican.

Mr. Pena is from Edinburg, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. This district Mr. Pena claims to represent is strongly Democratic.

Things Mr. Pena will now support as a Republican, such as drastic cuts in social services and often harsh views towards persons not of Anglo origin, will not be of service to the people of Mr. Pena’s district  who thought they were electing a Democrat.

Please visit Mean Rachel and follow her ongoing efforts to bring Mr. Pena to account.

Mean Rachel is a member of the Texas Progressive Alliance. The blog you are reading and many others are also TPA members. These bloggers took a leading role in call Out Aaron Pena Day.

TPA bloggers will be working hard in the months to come to be a center of opposition to the far-right Texas Legislature.

We all have the ability to take action, to fight back, and to make preogress.

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