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Our Park—Socialism Is Plenty American

Here is a park in Houston called Our Park.

This is a great and an apt name.

The parks are ours. Just as are the schools, the police department, the waterworks, the public streets, the libraries and so on.

All this going on about socialism.

And yet the common ownership of public assets is an American as Social Security and the U.S. military.

Photo copyright Neil Aquino.

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  1. I have finally realized that Republicians have created all this havoc and hate throughout this country simply because we have a BLACK man, that also happens to be a Democdrate in the White House. They literally can’t stand it. They don’t want health care, although they sign up for anything free, and many are already on the system. Recently I ran into four distant relatives, that were encouraging me to vote for Mitt Rommey, as he was going to get rid of all these social programs. I enlightened them by saying, “Why would I vote for someone that was getting rid of social prograqms, who the hell would take care of you guys”. They were all four under 50 and all on disability. They never had a clue. I’m finding that all over the country. Than I listen to ole Newt, the spokesman for the Republician Party, ranting about Obama bringing Shea law to the US. But again I guess he has lots to be concerned about, as under Shea Law, when you commit adultry, they cut off your penis, and stone the woman. So ole Newt would loose two valuable things, Guess what? Or maybe ole Newt can have John Edwards run as his Vic. Pres. They’d make a good team. I find it hard to believe that some oldies that fuss are alreaqdy on Rosevette care. Its called medicare. I love it.

    Comment by PHYLLIS RADFORD | November 30, 2010

  2. Ms. Radford—I do think the fact a black man has become our President has set off a number of those on the right.

    Also, it remains difficult to see how so many can oppose benefits that they themselves or that people they know use.

    Your comment is most help in many ways. Thanks for your ongoing comments here.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 1, 2010

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