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Narwhals Conduct Climate Change Research—Global Warming Is Real

New Scientist magazine reports that narwhals are conducting research on climate change.

(Above–Drawing of a narwhal.)

A small device is attached the narwhals. When they dive , data is recorded.  The narwhals in this study live in Baffin Bay up in the Arctic.

The data shows that the water is warmer than was thought, and that the ice is more thin than had been known.

This serves as yet more proof that global warming is real.

American conservatives might argue that narwhals don’t believe in God and that they don’t live in the “heartland” with “Real Americans.”

All true. Narwhals never attend church and there are likely no narwhals in Nebraska or Kansas.

On the other hand, narwhals are like many “Real Americans” in that they are willing to work for less than a livable wage without offering any objection at all.

In fact, narwhals are the perfect employee for the American conservative movement. They are willing to work for absolutely no wages.

While I understand our current political realities,  I’m not certain at the bottom line why being a Republican would make one a doubter of climate change.

There is a video going around of  Republican U.S. Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois essentially saying that global warming won’t do great harm to the world because God made a promise to Noah that He would not destroy the Earth. Mr. Shimkus may end up with a powerful committee Chair in the next Congress that will have oversight on climate issues.

I’ve no interest in being dismissive of people’s religious beliefs, but I just don’t see how this kind of thing will serve as a helpful environmental policy in the years ahead.

People are at some point going to have decide what kind of future we are going to have in this world. The facts are more clear everyday. We can keep on denying the facts for ideological reasons or we can move ahead.

The American Cetacean Society is a good place to learn about narwhals.

A great book to learn about all types of whales and dolphins is the National Audubon Society’s Guide To Marine Mammals Of The World.

Here is a good introduction to global warming from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

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  1. Mr Skimkus reminds me of the ole saying, “To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly.” He forgets what God told us about the things he gave us,animals,our earth.We are not following his teachings, as we are not caring for those things as he ask. I think God told Noah he would not destroy the earth by fire. But he gave us guidance and the ability to seek the knowledge to care for those gifts, so we would not destroy earth and ourselves.Science and the workings of our earth/bodies/seas/ or anything, is all a gift from God. He wanted us to understand it all. Understanding is Loving, also God’s gift.To deny the gifts from God is to deny him. This in my opinion is what most people are doing, Republicins are great at it.They do this through 1.ignorance, 2.religion, or 3.politics. Three things that I always told my older students are the three worst things in our lives.When someone says something, like some of these people spit out, I always try to pick which of the three catagories it comes from. It waqs a gqame students?I played. Did this guy say this because he is Ignorant, no morals, or radical religious beliefs, or is it just his politics. They loved it

    Comment by PHYLLIS RADFORD | November 14, 2010

  2. correction In last sentence: It was a game my students/I played. Sorry

    Comment by PHYLLIS RADFORD | November 14, 2010

  3. Ms. Radford—Nothing I can add to such a fine comment. Thank you.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 17, 2010

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