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Where There Is Smoke,There Is More Smoke…..Yet The Smoke May Be Toxic Enough

Above you see a picture of a ship that I took the last time I visited Galveston.

There was so much smoke coming from this ship that I thought it was maybe on fire.

I thought to myself—“If that ship is on fire and I have pictures, that will really boost my blog traffic.”

I’d write a post titled–“Photos Of Today’s Ship Fire In Galveston.”

I understand that a fire on that ship might have meant that people were jumping overboard to save their lives, and that the ship might be dumping toxic substances onto the sea.

But what about my blog traffic?

As it turned out though, there was no reported ship fire that day.

So, as the old saying goes,—

Where there is smoke, there is in most cases just more smoke.

Often we want to believe something is up, but really what is going on is everyday life.

Of course, as you can tell by all that smoke coming from that ship, and by the frequent tone of our daily lives, the smoke is toxic enough.

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Yard Sign In Favor Of Prayer

It is hard to imagine in a religious place like Texas that prayer needs to mount a campaign.

However, based on the yard sign you see above, prayer needs some help.

I took this picture in Houston about two weeks ago.

It is great if people wish to pray. More power to folks who wish to pray.

I hope that what folks pray for is that we be more kind to each other, and that we be willing to help each other instead of turning on each other when times are difficult.

Prayer is no substitute for being a good person.

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