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Republicans Focusing On Everything But Job Creation In Week Since Election

Since prevailing in the U.S. House, gaining Senate seats, and winning significant victories at the state level, what have Republicans done since last week’s election that will likely create jobs?

Nothing. What they have done instead is talk about political conflict, and eliminated forward-looking rail infrastructure projects that would have created jobs.


* Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that job one is to make sure Barack Obama is a one-term President. It appears that the next two years about going to 100% about politics if Republicans get their way. How will this help the nation?

* Republican leaders in the House of Representatives plan relentless investigations of President Obama. Would this effort not be better spent on helping fix the economy?

* Incoming Republican Governors refuse to create  jobs with an offer of federal dollars for high-speed rail. An ideological minority may not want government to do anything that helps people, but what people want are jobs.

* Republicans plan to offer ceaseless attacks on Health Care Reform that prohibits lifetime dollar caps on policies and that prohibits insurance companies from kicking you off your policy if you get sick. Anger at government is not going to be of value to you when you are sick and have no place to turn.

Many people voted Republican last week because they are frustrated with the harsh economy. What they may find over the next two years is that the people they voted for are more focused on political advantage instead of  working for America’s best interests.

It is incumbent upon those who are concerned with the nation’s course to discuss these matters with friends, family, and neighbors as we move ahead.

Our future can’t be left to the frustrations of the moment.  This is the case no matter how understandable these frustrations may be.

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2010 Texas A & M Maroon Out Shirt Is Pure Socialism

Above is a shirt design for an upcoming Texas A & M football game.

There is, I’ve just read, a yearly custom at A & M called Maroon Out that involves the design of a new Aggie t-shirt.

This year’s slogan is pure socialism. I love it.

“None of us are as strong as all of us.”

This slogan is fully appropriate as A & M is a public institution. It is owned by all the people of Texas.

They say that A & M is a conservative campus in a conservative state.

Maybe though Aggies are seeing the light.

We are at our best when we come together as a society to meet the challenges of the day.

I’m certain Aggies all over our great nation take Social Security benefits and make use all types of government services.

Here is a link to a post I did about the 1912 socialist platform. It is filled with crazy ideas like a minimum wage and a progressive income tax.

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