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Tea Party Favorite Rand Paul Will Take Earmarks—Tea Party Getting Knifed Already

Kentucky Senator-elect Rand Paul, a Tea Party and libertarian favorite,  has switched his position on earmarks less than a week after winning election.

From a Wall Street Journal report on Mr. Paul—

“In a bigger shift from his campaign pledge to end earmarks, he tells me that they are a bad “symbol” of easy spending but that he will fight for Kentucky’s share of earmarks and federal pork, as long as it’s doled out transparently at the committee level and not parachuted in in the dead of night. “I will advocate for Kentucky’s interests,” he says.”

How about that Tea Party? You’re already getting knifed by one of your own.

I’m sure though that these Tea Party folks are not surprised. Rand’s father, Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, loves earmarks as well.

These people don’t have the courage of their convictions.  They want others to accept cuts while they rack up federal dollars.

The photo below of many different throwing knives, is just a small metaphoric sampling of the varying ways Tea Party backed candidates will be sticking it to supporters over the next two years.  (Photo by Oosoom.)

Of course, no Tea Party supporter  I’m aware of has refused federal benefits.  It’s all about other people’s pain.  It’s all about personal anger at a changing world and a changing nation.

Government has a purpose in people’s lives. The Tea Party knows this, but they are more hung-up on punishing people they don’t like than on having an honest discussion on the matter.

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