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Voters Of Michigan Say Thanks For Bailouts Like Settlers Thanked Native Americans For Helping Them Survive

Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat, a regular contributor to this blog, is reading the book Boone–A Biography by Robert Morgan.

Boone is a very good book. It shows Daniel Boone as a real person instead of some wild person out in the woods.

All people have complexities. Or–at the least—all people have the potential for complexities if they can avoid intellectual laziness and only seeking out the easiest solutions.

Here is a review of Boone.

Daniel Boone had complex relations with Native Americans. He came into conflict with them at times, but also had unusually strong rapport with many tribes.

Boone–in this case I’m referring to the book—discusses how Native Americans helped white settlers learn how to hunt and trap and helped them survive the long winters.

Look how the natives got repaid.

Reading this last night made think about the voters of Michigan.

The people of Michigan benefited greatly from the bailouts. General Motors is profitable again and many layoffs at auto firms and at related business places were averted.

The voters of Michigan repaid this helpful and proper use of government authority and resources by voting Republican in 2010. Others who gained from the bailout no doubt stayed home on Election Day.

Our national character has both good and bad aspects.

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