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Should You Vote Green In Texas Comptroller Race?—Greens Not Running A Solid Operation

In the race for Texas State Comptroller, there is no Democrat on the ballot.

There is a Republican, a Green, and a Libertarian.

If the Green, Ed Lindsay, gets 5% of the vote, as he may well, than Greens get automatic ballot access in Texas in 2012.

On the one hand, this would allow a competing and possibly more liberal voice on the Texas ballot. On the other hand, Greens on the ballot would likely take away from Democrats.

You’ve just got to decide which of there things are of greater value in your estimation.

The Green got on the ballot with a great deal of help from Republican money. Republicans want to see Greens taking votes away from Democrats in 2012.

While I did not like the Republican involvement, I felt both major parties take a lot of corporate money and they they rig the ballot access process to harm third parties.

The issue under consideration in this race has been what do you think abut Greens on the ballot. The actual candidate,  Mr. Lindsay, has been something of an afterthought.

As it turns out, he is not a great candidate.

The Texas political blog Burnt Orange report has been of the view that you should not vote Green in Texas in 2010.  BOR says the Greens in 2010 are a Republican creation with no point but to harm Democrats.

Mr. Lindsay took exception to this view and wrote BOR a letter.

You can go and read the letter for yourself. It is not coherent.

I don’t wish to be disrespectful to Mr. Lindsay, but he does not appear to be fit for this office. There is a bottom line standard of competence that all candidates most meet.  They need to be able to get on the ballot, and at least be able to give the appearance of being credible for the office they seek.

It would also be nice if the Green Party of Texas could have updated its web site since July 23 of this year.

I voted nine days ago. It does no good to consider if I would have voted Green if I had seen this letter from Mr. Lindsay before I voted.

For those of you who have not voted, you have to ask yourself if Texas Greens are running an operation that merits a statewide ballot placement.

At the moment, it seems that they are not running such an operation.

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