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A Lighthouse At Every Intersection—Guidance & Jobs

In Galveston a few weeks ago, I came across an intersection where there was a lighthouse.

I’d like to see a lighthouse at every intersection in the United States.

People seem to have lost their way in so many respects. Many have grounded their ships of hope and decency on the rocky shoals of anger and fear.

Even if you don’t believe people would be better if they there was a lighthouse at every intersection, think of the jobs that would be created by such a project.

For additional jobs, these lighthouses could be staffed by lighthouse keepers.

Of course, we all have our internal lighthouse of our beliefs, our knowledge, and the good people in our lives.

Sadly though, many are so lost in the fog that a lighthouse does not seem to help them.

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Sheriff Garcia Says You Have The Right To Vote In Harris County, Texas And In All Places In Our Nation

Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat, who is part of the Texas Liberal Panel of Experts, is seen above with mail from Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Hamburger regrets that he is not as absurd as a major party nominee  for the U.S. Senate who had to declare that she was not a witch.

Sheriff Garcia says that voters must not be intimidated at the polls by overly-aggressive and possibly racially motivated poll watchers from so-called Tea Party and/or Republican groups.

The Sheriff says—“....if anyone tries to stop you from voting, tell them Sheriff Adrian Garcia sent you.”

The Sheriff has it right. Folks cannot be bullied at the polls.

Here is what the Houston GLBT folks have to say on this concern—

“Lately, we’ve all watched as opponents of equality have gotten more aggressive and more violent.  From tackling and stomping on rival activists, to actual candidates ordering private security forces to arrest reporters, the thug mentality of the far right has gotten out of control.”

(Here are the Houston GLBT endorsements for 2010.)

Perry Dorrell, a great Houston political blogger at Brains & Eggs,  has been writing about these poll watchers.

Jobsanger, a first-rate political blog in Amarillo, has also posted on this important matter.

Leading Houston blogger Charles Kuffner reports that County Attorney Vince Ryan, a Republican, has seen fit to issue guidelines as to what poll watchers may and may not do.

The Houston Chronicle has written about these aggressive Republican poll watchers.

Along the same lines, Democratic Texas Land Commissioner nominee Hector Uribe has cut a 30 second radio spot saying that Tejanos got to Texas first and that they are not going “back to Mexico” or back to anywhere else.

The New York Times has written that Republican-driven efforts to suppress minority turnout, despite the lack of evidence that any fraud is taking place, are going on around the country.

Make sure you vote on Tuesday and make sure you encourage others you know to do the same.

Here are my Texas endorsements for 2010.

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