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A Wave Election?

Some say a so-called “Wave Election” is on the way.

(Above–“What Freedom” painted by Llya Yeflmovich Repin in 1903.)

Maybe so. Who knows? The votes have not yet been counted.

As we enter the final weekend before the election, just let go.

Do what you are able to to others to vote. Make sure that you vote. Vote for all the candidates all the way down the ballot.

Make your case. Get ready for the days ahead. Think of what is right in your life even if you expect a rough Election Night.

Do what you need to do to be of use for the people in your life, for our nation, and for our world.

The tides come and go. Our beliefs have a greater permanence.

Let’s keep at it in these final days. Hit back hard while keeping your best qualities.

There is much to be hopeful about—This is so even when nutballs are winning Senate seats.

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Top Tea Party Blogger Says Texas Senator Dan Patrick’s Tea Party Caucus Is Phony—Also Says Tea Party Followers Are Dupes If Loyal To GOP

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick is setting up a “Tea Party Caucus” in the Texas Legislature.

I guess Mr. Patrick thinks the Tea Party can help him in some way.

Here is the release from Mr. Patrick on this matter.

Top Harris County Tea Party blogger Dave Jennings at Big Jolly Politics says  this caucus is a bad idea.

Mr. Jennings says that Senator Patrick is just using the so-called Tea Party to serve his political purposes. Mr. Jennings says that once the Tea Party is of no further value to Senator Patrick, the Senator will move on to something else.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Jennings thinks that Republicans overall are taking Tea Party backers for a ride.

Here is a portion of what Mr. Jennings says—

“In other words, Tea Party peeps, you are going to be SORELY disappointed if you think that your support of Republicans is going to pay off in any big, fundamental way after the 2010 election. Yes, it will put a halt to President Obama’s largess in some areas but he’s still going to be playing golf and eating Kobe beef while an ever increasing number of Americans are on food stamps. And Republican leaders are going to fall all over themselves if he invites them to one of his parties….And for you tea parties that have basically sold yourselves to the Republican party, enjoy your lunches and handshakes with R’s because that is all you are going to get for your efforts.”

A few weeks back, Business Week ran a cover story on why many big business folks are wary of the Tea Party.

The Republican Party and the big business folks who own the Republican Party  will take the efforts and energy of the Tea Party, but as soon as possible, they will go back to standard practices. They will have their hands out to government every chance they get for a heaping helping of tax dollars and government subsidies.

A few days ago, I wrote about how some elected Democrats support a policy on drug arrests that needlessly ruins the lives of hundreds of thousands of young minority men and women.

Many elected Democrats are decent people who want a better world. Yet the facts are that even Democrats will sell their own people, in a quite literal fashion, down the river.

You’ve got be involved and you have to remain aware.

While I have nothing at all for the Tea Party or for the Republican Party, what Mr. Jennings and I am are saying strike a similar note.

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World Series Report

In the World Series, Christy Mathewson of the Giants has shut down the Rangers yet again.

Coming off of his World Series wins 100 years ago, Mr. Mathewson has some real staying power.

Here is a post I wrote in 2008 that has a picture of Three Finger Brown’s pitching hand.

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Paul Simon Makes His Case For Harris County 295th Civil District Court In 50 Words Or Less

Paul Simon is running for the 295th District Court in Harris County, Texas.

(Above–Mr. Simon.)

Mr. Simon is committed to serving people in Harris County.

I asked Mr. Simon to make his case for election in 50 words or less.

Here is what he said—

“I’m running for Judge of the 295th Judicial District Court. I believe “fair and balanced” is not just a slogan, and judges should work like it’s a full-time job. I promise I’ll always be prepared, I’ll treat each case with the respect, and I’ll make fair and prompt rulings.”

Here is the web home of the Simon campaign.

For more information, Houston political blogger Charles Kuffner interviewed Mr. Simon.

Please vote for Paul Simon for the 295th District  Court in Harris County.

Please vote Democratic in all the races on the ballot and please tell your friends and family to do the same.

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Donna Roth Makes Her Case For The Harris County 281st Civil District Court In 50 Words Or Less

Donna Roth is a great candidate for the 281st Civil District Court.

(Above–Ms. Roth making her case to the people.)

All the judicial races matter in Harris County.

I asked Ms. Roth to tell folks, in 50 words or less, why she should be elected.

Here is what she said—

“Each person appearing before the 281st will be treated fairly and with respect. Justice will be served with integrity, accountability and equality. My qualifications and experience earned me the endorsements of all the legal organizations and the Houston Chronicle. Vote for Donna Roth!””

Here is the web home of the Roth campaign.

For more details about Ms. Roth, here is an interview she did with Houston political blogger Charles Kuffner.

Please consider Donna Roth for the 281st Civil District Court in Harris County.

Please be certain to vote for Democrats in all the races on the ballot. Please remind your family and friends to do the same.

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