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Many Who Opposed Stimulus Now Seek Stimulus Funds

Many politicians who voted against President Obama’s helpful stimulus program have requested stimulus funds for the people they represent.

From the Washington Post

“Rep. Pete Sessions, the firebrand conservative from Texas, has relentlessly assailed the Democratic stimulus efforts as a package of wasteful “trillion-dollar spending sprees” that was “more about stimulating the government and rewarding political allies than growing the economy and creating jobs.” But that didn’t stop the Republican lawmaker from seeking stimulus money behind the scenes for the Dallas suburb of Carrollton after the GOP campaign against the 2009 stimulus law quieted down. Sessions wrote Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in February urging him to give “full and fair consideration” to the affluent city’s request for $81 million for a rail project, according to a copy of the letter obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. His letter suggested that the project would create jobs, undercutting his public arguments against the stimulus.”

From the same article

“Sessions was hardly alone. Scores of Republicans and conservative Democrats who voted against the stimulus law subsequently wrote letters seeking funds. They include tea party favorites such as freshman Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), as well as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), former presidential candidates.”

None of this will surprise anybody.

Government has got to part of our recovery from this terrible recession. Anger at immigrants, Muslims and the President will be a cold comfort when you need a job, disaster relief , health care, or social security.

Government is part of what makes a society a decent place to live.

Based on those we see seeking stimulus funds, it seems that many on the right realize this to be the case no matter what they tell their supporters.

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Loren Jackson Makes His Case For Harris County District Clerk In 50 Words Or Less

Loren Jackson is running for reelection to the position of Harris County District Clerk.

(Above–Mr. Jackson with moon walking astronaut Eugene Cernan.)

Here is the official web page of the District Clerk so you can study what this office does for the people of Harris County.

Here is how the Houston Chronicle describes the office—

“The duties of this office include summoning jurors for the district and county criminal courts, maintaining court records, preparing daily court dockets and receiving child support payments.”

I asked District Clerk Jackson to, in 50 words or less, tell the people of Harris County why he should be returned to office.

Mr. Jackson quoted from the Chronicle editorial backing his effort—

“In the race for Harris County District Clerk – the most important yet least known office in the Justice system – “the choice is clear. Democratic Incumbent Loren Jackson has done an excellent job.” ~ Houston Chronicle”

Here is the Chronicle’s full endorsement of Mr. Jackson.

Here is Mr. Jackson’s campaign web home.

Please consider voting for Loren Jackson for the office of Harris County District Clerk.

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Please Stop Interviewing Managers In Dugout While They Are Working

I wish  the various television networks broadcasting the baseball playoff games would stop interviewing the managers in the dugout while the game is taking place.

Above you see Texas Ranger manager Ron Washington being interviewed recently while his team was playing in the postseason.

These people are working and these games are not exhibitions.

I think all interviews with managers and coaches while the game is taking place are a bad idea.

Let these people work and leave them alone to think stuff out.

Okay—I’ve covered this subject that has been annoying me for a long time.

That I can vent on these minor matters is a good thing about having a blog.

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