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Jeff Weems Makes His Case For The Texas Railroad Commission In 50 Words or Less

Jeff Weems is running strong to be our next Railroad Commissioner in Texas.

(Above—Mr. Weems on the campaign trail.)

Here is what the Texas Railroad Commission does as described on it’s web page–

“The Railroad Commission has primary regulatory jurisdiction over oil and natural gas industry, pipeline transporters, natural gas & hazardous liquid pipeline industry, natural gas utilities, the LP-gas industry, and coal & uranium surface mining operations. The Commission is responsible for research & education to promote the use of LP-gas as an alternative fuel.”

I asked Mr. Weems to tell the people of Texas why they should vote for him in 2010 using 50 words or less.

Here is what he said—

“I know the energy industry and know what should be done to keep it strong and, at the same time, to keep Texans safe. I have broad, bipartisan support, and all major Texas newspapers have endorsed me. I want only to be the toughest, fairest Railroad Commissioner ever.”

Here is the web home of the Weems campaign.

Mr. Weems, a Democrat, is endorsed by top Harris County conservative blogger David Jennings at Big Jolly Politics.

Please consider voting for Jeff Weems for the Texas Railroad Commission.

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  1. In lieu of getting rid of the Texas Railroad Commission, I would vote for Jeff Weems. It’s not a railroad commission.If it regulates oil and gas (production), local officials do not have a clue. Why is it not commission for oil and gas? Who do they report to?
    O. D. Arambula

    Comment by O. D. Arambula | October 20, 2010

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