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Jeff Weems Makes His Case For The Texas Railroad Commission In 50 Words or Less

Jeff Weems is running strong to be our next Railroad Commissioner in Texas.

(Above—Mr. Weems on the campaign trail.)

Here is what the Texas Railroad Commission does as described on it’s web page–

“The Railroad Commission has primary regulatory jurisdiction over oil and natural gas industry, pipeline transporters, natural gas & hazardous liquid pipeline industry, natural gas utilities, the LP-gas industry, and coal & uranium surface mining operations. The Commission is responsible for research & education to promote the use of LP-gas as an alternative fuel.”

I asked Mr. Weems to tell the people of Texas why they should vote for him in 2010 using 50 words or less.

Here is what he said—

“I know the energy industry and know what should be done to keep it strong and, at the same time, to keep Texans safe. I have broad, bipartisan support, and all major Texas newspapers have endorsed me. I want only to be the toughest, fairest Railroad Commissioner ever.”

Here is the web home of the Weems campaign.

Mr. Weems, a Democrat, is endorsed by top Harris County conservative blogger David Jennings at Big Jolly Politics.

Please consider voting for Jeff Weems for the Texas Railroad Commission.

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You Never Know When……

You never know when you are going to be driving around and encounter  3 boats in a vacant lot filled with tires and the wreckage of a school bus.

Though I wager it is more likely to occur in Houston that it is many other places.

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Houston League Of Women Voters Has All The Facts—Texas Liberal Panel Of Experts

A few days I ago I drove the office of the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area so that I could get some election related materials. The Texas Liberal Panel of Experts has been pondering the upcoming election, but felt they needed additional information to make the best choices.

The League of Women Voters has many resources to share with the voting public. I’m including with this post photographs of the Texas Liberal Panel of Experts reviewing these materials.

Below is Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat checking out the Harris County sample ballot that was provided to me by the League. Hamburger is dwarfed by the ballot. The ballot is even larger than this because it is printed on the other side as well.

You see that the Harris County sample ballot is printed in both Spanish and English. On the other side it is printed in Vietnamese. No matter how much the so-called Tea Party wishes otherwise, our city, county, state and nation are becoming more diverse each day.

The League provides an online service where you can build our own ballot.

Another of my expert panel, Cactus, is seen below reading 2010 Voters Key from the League. This booklet has the names and contact information of very many elected officials in Harris County. There are also facts here about the duties of each office. I think Cactus really enjoys this publication. Though so far Cactus has not said one way or another on the matter.

The final member of my expert panel, Samuel Slater Bobblehead Doll, is studying the LWV Voters Guide. This excellent guide features all the candidates for office offering their qualifications and responding to various questions. Samuel Slater Bobblehead enjoys reading this document from cover-to-cover. Here is the pdf file of the Houston voter’s guide.

The League of Women voters is of great value. They compile facts to help folks decide who to support at the polls , they sponsor debates of local candidates, and they put on events year-round to help inform the public.

Please make use of the League wherever it is that you live.

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