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Please Vote Yes On Prop. 3 To Keep Red Light Cameras In Houston–Our Roads Are Already Filled With Crazies

(Update 6/18/11—A federal judge has invalidated the vote to get rid of the red light cameras.) 

There is an initiative on the ballot in Houston to get rid of red light cameras. This is Proposition 3 on our ballot. To keep the cameras, you must vote yes on Proposition 3.

The only reason to get rid of these cameras is so that we can run red lights and, by so doing, cause accidents that kill and maim people.

Anybody who drives in Houston knows that our roads are filled with drunks and crazies.

Why would we make our roads any less safe than they already are?

Red light cameras reduce accidents and save lives.

Red light running crash

One objection people make to red light cameras is that cameras exists only for cities to make money from tickets.

No money would be raised if people would stop running red lights.

Revenue from the cameras have raised millions of dollars for Ben Taub Hospital in Houston.

The bottom line is that red light cameras save lives.

Here is the Houston Chronicle editorial in favor of Proposition 3.

From this editorial—

“We’ve all seen the tragic consequences of motorists violating traffic signals and maiming or killing innocent pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles. The right to privacy doesn’t apply to reckless driving on public thoroughfares that endangers the community. We believe the cameras are a vital extension of our undermanned police traffic-enforcement capabilities. In this case, a picture can vastly multiply the eyes and extend the arms of the law…Mayor Annise Parker and a majority of City Council support red-light cameras. These elected officials are joined by an impressive group of community law enforcement officials and health care leaders of the Texas Heart Institute, Harris County Hospital District, Memorial Hermann Healthcare Systems, Teaching Hospitals of Texas and the Texas Hospital Association.”

Read more in favor of Proposition 3  at the web page in favor of the issue.

Safe driving is not an ideological issue. All people need safe roads.

Please vote Yes on Proposition 3.

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Even At Texas State Capitol, U.S. Flag Flies Above Texas Flag—TPA Blogger Round-Up

Here is the weekly round-up of the Texas Progressive Alliance. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas.

With the round-up this week is a picture of the Texas State Capitol that I took from Wikipedia. You’ll notice in this photo that the U.S. flag is above the Texas flag.

This is just how it should be. The states derive their existence from the fact of our federal union taken as a whole.

For all the blustery talk about states rights and all that jazz, we see the real facts even at the Texas State Capitol.

TPA bloggers never rest in bringing you the facts about what is going on in Texas politics.

Please visit TPA bloggers every chance you get.

Here is the round-up—

Off the Kuff published interviews with Democratic candidates Jeff WeemsHector Uribe, and Hank Gilbert.

BossKitty at TruthHugger is disgusted again. This is a very serious election, but America is the deer in the headlights and appears to be frozen. So the last thing he wants to hear is “its a TRUCK”! This election is all spin and conspiracy (not that previous elections haven’t been) but this one is critical because it’s hinting at rolling back what progress has been achieved. Israel is sliding, America is sliding and the radicals are ready. This is NOT the choice American’s should face.

Matthew Dowd, a Bushbot, longs for the glory days of the Bush presidency and envisions Rick Perry as president. That sound you hear is CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme retching uncontrollably. Continue reading

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