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Commissioner Sylvia Garcia Has An Opponent–Greater Coordination Needed Between Elected Democrats In Harris County

Harris County District 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garica has an opponent. She wants you to know that she is taking nothing for granted in 2010.

Commissioner Garcia can be seen here hard at work on her campaign. She is the lady in red you see through the door of her campaign headquarters.

Ms. Garica represents portions of  Houston and a wide variety of other communities in Harris County. In her district is the Houston Ship Channel, the Johnson Space Center, and many refineries and chemical plants. Among other places, Ms. Garcia represents Pasadena, Webster and Galena Park.

Here is Ms. Garica’s official web page.

Here is Ms. Garcia’s campaign web site.

Lifted from her campaign web page, here are some of Ms. Garcia’s accomplishments—

  • Developed a Transportation Master Plan, while fast-tracking much-needed projects, such as improvements to Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena and completion of the Space Center Boulevard extension
  • Expanded programs for Precinct Two youth and seniors — and grew our bus fleet to 37 vehicles
  • Added to Precinct Two’s inventory of park space, including new hike-and-bike trails and new amenities such as a skate ramp park and the County’s first water park
  • Hired Precinct Two’s first full-time director to work on homeland security issues with our industrial complex, while monitoring environmental concerns
  • Established new health clinics in neighborhood schools

In the term ahead, a focus for Ms. Garcia could be fostering a greater level of coordination and cooperation between elected Democrats in Harris County. If Democrats in the county engaged in more cooperation and long-term planning, then we might be able to register Hispanic voters in-between elections and not have the every two-year hand-wringing about where are the Hispanic voters. Why aren’t we doing the things we need to do outside of election season to make our lives easier when it is time to cast our votes?

Also, additional coordination between Democrats would benefit the people of Harris County by providing a consistent level of advocacy and representation for the county, as the State of Texas prepares for massive budget cuts in the next legislative session and as far-right  so-called Tea Party backed candidates are elected to Congress.

There seems to be an every-person-for-themselves ethos among elected Democrats.

Yet the fact is that we are all connected.

Please vote in the upcoming election and please encourage others to do the same. Please consider voting for Ms. Garcia if you live in her district.

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