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Time Again To Run The Rick Perry With Acorn Photo –How Can One Be Certain Of What The Governor Believes On Any Question?

It is been awhile since I ran the Rick Perry with Acorn photo.

The Governor is seen here with Acorn members in 2005 as he signed a Housing bill.

Acorn was doing a good job at the time advocating for low-income homeowners in Texas.

Not that facts matter.

In any case, Rick Perry seems happy enough here to be seen with Acorn.

I guess it is later that they became so evil.

Governor Perry has the same measure of ambiguity about our nation.

The Governor says secession is an option for Texas if folks don’t like the actions of the federal government.

No matter what you think about Washington, that kind of talk is nothing but pandering.

Governor Perry will do and say whatever he feels he needs to do and say to help his own purposes.

Mr. Perry dishes out state money to big campaign donors in a way outside of normal state procedures.

It is hard to imagine that conservatives think the Governor is a good choice for another four years.

How can they be sure of what Mr. Perry believes on any question?

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Governor Perry Awarded State Funds To Big Campaign Donor In Way Outside Of Normal Process

Texas Governor Rick Perry awarded $4.5 million in taxpayer money to a top campaign donor in a way outside of normal state procedures.

From the Dallas Morning News

“Gov. Rick Perry acknowledged Wednesday that he has a “nice, close personal relationship” with a major campaign donor whose company was awarded $4.5 million in state technology funds despite its failure to win approval from a regional screening board.  Perry was responding to disclosures this week by The Dallas Morning News that the award from the Emerging Technology Fund to Convergen did not follow the normal reviewing track. Although Convergen’s application for funds was not recommended by a regional board, it was allowed to proceed for approval to a statewide advisory committee appointed by Perry.”

Click the above link and read the story. See what you think. I’m a ideological partisan, but I feel the case can be made that Rick Perry has been in office for too long and that he does not put the best interests of Texans first.

Click here to learn about Bill White for Texas Governor.

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