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Columbus Day—Symbolic Execution Of Columbus

[ image: Removing the arrows from their target]

(Blogger’s Note–This is my Columbus Day post from last year. I”m running it again because  it is easy to do so, because my views on the subject have not changed and because I enjoy the picture of the symbolic execution of Columbus.)

It is Columbus Day.

Not all people like Columbus Day.

Growing up in Rhode Island you would get a Columbus Day parade. This was because we had so many Italians in Rhode Island.

Here in Texas, Columbus Day is not such a big deal.

Here is the historian Howard Zinn’s take on Christopher Columbus.  It is not very flattering.

Mr. Zinn wrote A People’s History of The United States.

In 1998, a group of indigenous Hondurans carried out a symbolic execution of Christopher Columbus for crimes against humanity.

They shot arrows at a large picture of Columbus. The photo above shows the event.

See how they have his hands chained up? Ha!

Now that’s entertainment.

I’m not sure Columbus Day is very much worth celebrating.

Though I’m not certain I felt the same way as a school kid getting the day off.

Here are some facts about Christopher Columbus and his voyages.

Below–A Flat Earth as painted by George Grie. I’m holding back a view on the true shape of the Earth until I have more evidence.)

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