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Renew Houston Gives Me Chance To Run Photo Of Rock

Issue 1 on the November ballot in Houston is about funding a massive wastewater removal program with the intent of reducing flooding in Houston.

The issue is called Renew Houston. I’m sure that name was focus group tested.

The issue will be funded by taxing property owners.

Stace Medellin as Dos Centavos says that Renew Houston will address a problem and create jobs.

I think he has a point, but I’m writing this post because I want to run a picture of a rock on my blog.

The Houston Independent  School District will have to pay money if Issue 1 passes.

This story in the Houston Chronicle details the fact that Houston schools do not want to pay this money. They say that if they have to pay this money that they might have to layoff teachers.

Here is how the Renew Houston folks responded

“HISD should do a more responsible job of managing taxpayer funds before laying off teachers and opposing a fiscally responsible plan to keep its students safe.


“HISD has been rocked by at least two scandals this year, from lax oversight of more than a billion dollars in bond funds to spending millions on unnecessary overtime.”

What is the point of the venom of this response? Everybody is looking for money at this point. Why pick an unneeded fight with the schools?  Could not this issue have been seen in advance?

The Renew Houston people have a lot of money for ads and promoting their ballot issue.

Houston schools are strapped for cash.

Here is where I get to run a picture of a rock.

For coming up with this response Renew Houston was — As dumb as a rock.

Renew Houston needs to work this out. Already the reflexive anti-tax crowd opposes this issue. Why fight when you do not have to fight?

Below–-A diorite rock. Photo taken by Slim Sepp.”

John Coby at Bay Area Houston has also written about this matter.

Martha Griffin at musings has also commented on this concern.

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  1. I wrote about it, too. I agree, the Renew Houston response was as dumb as a rock.

    Comment by martha | October 8, 2010

  2. Great. Thank you. I added the link.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 8, 2010

  3. Well, when you look at it, the fact is that ReNew Houston wants to ‘play nice’, considering they are asking Houstonians to endure an essentially 50% tax increase- The ad valorem revenue collected by Houston last year was $882 million, and Renew Houston projects ‘fee’ revenue of $400 million.
    Now that someone of significant stature, HISD, has come out against it, you see the ReNew Houston folks’ true colors. What is happening is that now someone is coming between this group of engineers that has spent almost $1 million to pass ReNew Houston and the BILLIONS of sweetheart contracts they will realize with the passage of this amendment. The mouse gets nasty when you try to take his cheese!

    Comment by FairTaxInHouston | October 8, 2010

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