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Sludge Flood Is Disgusting–But The Industrial World Is As Natural To Human Beings As Is A Tree

The sludge flood in Hungary is disgusting.

What you see above has taken place in the town of Ajka which  is 100 miles from Budapest.

Industrial sludge burst from an industrial sludge reservoir at an aluminum plant and inundated surrounding areas.

At least four people are dead and three are missing. The sludge substance causes burns when it touches the skin.

There is concern that the sludge will enter the Danube River and spread to other nations.

As nasty and harmful as this is, we can’t forget that technology and industry is as “natural” to  human beings as is what we commonly perceive as natural.

A factory is as natural to our existence as is a tree.

(Below–Vincent Van Gogh‘s 1887 painting Factories At Asnieres, Seen From The Quai de Clichy.)

Scientists assert that tool use by early humans began over three million years ago.

We’ve been bending the world to our needs and wants for a long time.

It adds a great deal to life when we see the things we create with our minds and our hands as extensions of the fact that we are human beings.

It has value to see both the good and the bad of what we make of the world

A nasty industrial disaster like a flood of skin-burning sludge can cause revulsion at what human beings do the world.

The reality of climate change and our refusal to address the problem in an adult manner might make you want to give up for good.

What is required, however, is that we take the time to fully understand where we fit in the world.

The sludge flood can be a spur to not just revulsion, but also to a more complete grasp of the fact that all things are connected.

Because of our unique abilities as human beings, this fact of connection joins together the man-made world and the environment of our planet.

Let’s see the whole picture so that we can understand our problems, define our goals, and make the best use of our abilities and our lives

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