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Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Paints Himself As Voice Of Reason, Yet At The Same Time He Panders To Tea Party

David Jennings, a top conservative blogger who serves as a mouthpiece for the local so-called Tea Party movement, writes that the campaign manager of Harris County Judge Executive  Ed Emmett appeared at yesterday’s meeting of the so-called King Street Patriots. The King Street Patriots are a local Tea Party cell that advocates sending out poll watchers for the 2010 election in Harris County, in an attempt to forestall through intimidation the demographic changes that will soon leave the Republican Party in the minority in Harris County and in Texas as a whole.

The Republican Party will do anything at all to hang on a bit longer because once Democrats start winning, they will go on winning for a long time.

The Tea Party says elections are being stolen in Harris County. They have no proof, but they keep on saying that elections are being stolen in Harris County. It’s easy to say that when you think that conservative white folks are the only true Americans. Illegitimate  people by definition cast illegitimate votes.

In Wisconsin, Tea Party poll watchers are part of a plan to curb minority turnout.

Here is what Mr. Jennings wrote in his mouthpiece blog, Big Jolly Politics, for September  20—

“I have to admit that I was shocked when Ryan Walsh, Campaign Manager for Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, was the first speaker with a message from the judge. His message? That now is the time more than ever to get involved and get trained to be a poll watcher, that he supports the efforts of King Street, and that we need to make certain that every person gets one vote counted accurately.”

Judge Emmett likes to paint himself as a voice of reason. He knows that if he wants to last more than one more term, he will have to appeal to a diverse county that is trending Democratic.

So why are Judge Emmett’s representatives pandering to the Tea Party?

I suppose it is likely for the same reason that Judge Emmett himself did not appear at the King Street meeting.

Judge Emmett wants to be all things to all people. He’ll reach out to the Tea Party—But just so much.

I wager the Judge and his people are all over the county telling folks just what it is they wish to hear.

Let’s hope it is an act. We would not like to find out later that Judge Emmett has dabbled in witchcraft.

Here is the web home of Judge Emmett’s opponent Gordon Quan.

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  1. Emmett’s inclination really is to the moderate side. He supported Kay Bailey in the March Republican primary, for example.

    But he also knows he must placate the radical fringe of his party in order to retain his post in what should be a safe year for him, but is thin ice for incumbents of all stripes. That’s why his lickspittle was sent to the zoo.

    He’s running much more scared than I would have ever thought.

    Comment by PDiddie | September 21, 2010

  2. I figure it was an act. But why give him the benefit of the doubt in this case.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 23, 2010

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