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Let Us Stay The Course

We keep hearing that liberals, progressives, and Democrats are in trouble in 2010.

But as Charles Blow writes in the New York Times, there is still hope.

From the column–

“Sure, some seats will change party control, but a landslide is hardly certain, particularly if Democrats can change their tune and energize their base. A New York Times/CBS News poll released this week asked respondents whom they would vote for in their own districts if the midterms were held today. Among those the poll determined to be likely voters, Republican candidates held a small edge. (Likely voter models are used to make predictions about the midterms.) However, among all registered voters, Democrats held a larger edge.”

We need to be upfront, as many Democrats running across the country are indeed being, about the accomplishment of Health Care Reform.

With HCR, there are no more lifetime limits on policies, you can’t be kicked off a policy because you get sick, and kids can’t be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

These benefits are not nearly the entirety of HCR. Take the time to learn more about the program.

Ask people in your life who oppose HCR just why they feel the way they do.

As for the election ahead, let’s be like that ship you see above that is staying the course in Galveston Bay.

Just like that ship, let us all stay the course.

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