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Top Tea Party Blogger In Harris County Acknowledges Hard Work And Initiative Of Houston Liberal Bloggers In Setting The Agenda—TPA Round-Up

At the bottom of this post is the weekly round-up of the Texas Progressive Alliance. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas.

TPA bloggers in Houston scored a big success in recent weeks, as we helped correctly define the story after Harris County Tax-Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez and a local Tea Party outlet went after the Houston Votes registration drive in an apparent attempt to suppress minority turnout in Harris County.

Perry at Brains & Eggs,  John Coby at Bay Area Houston, Stace at DosCentavos , and Charles at Off The Kuff posted about this bad conduct on a number of occasions. I have also commented on the matter here at Texas Liberal and at The Daily Hurricane.

Statewide, South Texas Chisme offered up a post on the matter.

In defeat, top right-wing blogger David Jennings at a Tea Party annex called Big Jolly Politics admitted that Conservative bloggers in Houston and Harris County have not shown the initiative and gumption required to become a potent force in local politics.

David said that our victories locally have been long-standing—“ For years, when a story hits a news outlet, the lefty bloggers in Houston have had their way in forming the “narrative” on said story. Narrative is everything when it comes to public perception.”

Republican Harris County Judge Executive Ed Emmett seems to have gotten the message. He has used Republican attacks on the right to vote in the county as a starting point to suggest  that a non-partisan voter registration chief be appointed to oversee elections in the county.

Texas Progressive Alliance bloggers will stay on the case and keep looking out for the people of Houston, Harris County, our Great State of Texas, and our nation.

Here is the most recent TPA round-up—

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WhosPlayin is watching the tax rate election for his local school district, where anonymous mailers are flying and things are not looking good for it to pass.

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