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Dem Ag Commissioner Candidate Hank Gilbert Blasts Incumbent Staples On Texas Bed Bug Infestation

Hank Gilbert, the Democratic nominee for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, says that incumbent Commissioner Todd Staples has not taken necessary steps to stop bedbug infestation in Texas.

(Above–Hank Gilbert–As American as Amber Waves of Grain.)

Mr. Staples has been more concerned with his buddies in the pest control industry, than he has been with the best interests of the people of Texas.

In addition, Mr. Staples is not doing all he can to educate Texans about how to prevent bed bug infestation.

Please visit Mr. Gilbert’s campaign web home.  The Governor’s race gets the attention, but all the statewide races impact people’s lives in our Great State of Texas.

Here is my post from earlier his year in support of Mr. Gilbert.

Below is Mr. Gilbert’s press release on this important subject.

Bed bugs might make you giggle, but you won’t be giggling if they get into your home and into your bed.

Here are some facts on spotting and preventing bed bugs.

Bed bugs are advancing across Texas. Mr. Staples does not seem to care. The Texas Department of Agriculture needs to step up and put everyday Texans before big money political donations.

The release—

TYLER-Hank Gilbert, the Texas Democratic Party’s nominee for Agriculture Commissioner, questioned Wednesday why the Texas Department of Agriculture, the state agency in charge of pesticide regulation, has been silent on the epidemic of bed bugs sweeping the state from Odessa to Fort Worth to San Antonio.

“Given the issues in other states with the misapplication of commercial pesticides to combat the bed bug epidemic, it is astonishing that the Texas Department of Agriculture isn’t doing a thing to inform and educate consumers about the dangers of pesticide misapplication or in how to find applicators licensed to treat bed bugs,” Gilbert said.

“The EPA recently issued a warning to consumers about using chemicals meant for outdoor use inside to treat bedbugs, and warned consumers about unscrupulous pest control companies trying to take advantage of people with bedbug problems. It is inexcusable that Todd Staples is abdicating his responsibility to protect Texans to the federal government when he is in charge of the agency that regulates pest control in Texas,” Gilbert said. Continue reading

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