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Here Is What Tea Party Republicans Say About Senator Cornyn Addressing Hispanic Lawyers—Here Is Why Texas Will Become A Democratic State

Republican U.S. Senator from Texas John Cornyn made the following update on his official Facebook page on Wednesday 9/8—

“At DFW headed to Minneapolis to speak to Hispanic National Bar Association.”

Here are some of the 59 comments the Senator got back from folks signed up to receive his Facebook page

“Check ID’s at the door.”

“Aren’t you a TEXAS Senator?”

“Thinking of moving up there or buying a ranch??? Surprised the Hispanic Bar Association invited you. Interesting who you accept money from these days!”

“Kisses up to the open borders crowd frequently. He welcomed the new head of LULAC to, but took the post down after to many negative comments.”

“You going to talk Amnesty Senator?”

“I did not know that Hispanic’s ? had a different Law.”

“Did you notice there are no white bar associations or white chamber of commerce.”

“When could you have a Nat’l White Bar Assoc. w/o causing an up-roar!Or a White Miss America, or White Caucus?”

Yeah, I noticed and there are no White American College Fund either.”

“Senator Cornyn, you are about to put yourself in company with Brown, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, McCain, Lugar and Graham. One of them has already been rejected. There will be more. It’s time for America to be American again. Those who don’t have the stomach for it need to be rejected.”

“How about speaking at the White National Bar Association?”

“Are you going to speak English?”

“Can you please take a copy of the Constitution so they can actually see what our laws are?”

“Why do they have to be a Hispanic Association? If the are true Americans and accept our country and laws and assemilate themselves into our customs and culture, then they are an American Bar Association! Ask them about that! You’re either one of us or your not one of us.”

Minneapolis? I thought the Hispanic national Bar was the cadillac bar in Nuevo Laredo!

And Republicans wonder why they are sometimes called racist.

Imagine—The very conservative  John Cornyn is not far enough to the right for the modern Tea Party Republican Party.

For independents thinking of voting Republican this year, consider the replies you see above.

For Hispanics thinking of voting Republican this year or thinking of sitting the election out, consider the replies you see above.

Good luck to the Republican Party in Texas when it comes to holding power in our state over the long haul.

Here is the web home of the Hispanic National Bar Association.

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