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Should Outside Election Observers Be Sent To Harris County?—How About Jimmy Carter?

The integrity of the elections process is under attack in Harris County.

Far-right Tea Party groups are harassing voter registration drives in Harris County that are looking to increase the number of voters of all kinds in Harris County.

These Tea Party groups are being funded by billionaires who want to corrupt our democracy with huge amounts of money and extremist conservative ideology.

Tea Party groups are recruiting hundreds of poll watchers to possibly harass and intimidate likely Democratic voters.

At the same time, all the voting machines in Harris County have been burned up in a mysterious fire.

Republicans in control of the voting process in Harris County simply can’t be trusted  to make sure all parts of the county get a fair share of voting machines for Election Day.

When the entire picture is considered, citizens of Harris County have every reason to be concerned  that our elections will not be free and fair in 2010.

The Harris County Democratic Party, elected Democrats in the county, and all freedom loving citizens need to be active in making sure that all eligible voters are able to vote at the polls in 2010.

It may be the case that outside help is needed.

The very good Houston blog nonsequiteuse suggests that Jimmy Carter be brought in as an election observer.

President Carter and his Carter Center have observed elections around the world to make sure that voting is fair.

Folks in Harris County need to be aware of what is taking place and they need to fight back against Republican manipulation of our democracy.

(Below—Jimmy Carter.)

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  1. I woke up this morning thinking maybe I overreacted by suggesting we’d need election monitors, but then heard that the staff at Houston Votes, which has been conducting a nonpartisan voter registration campaign, got their first death threat. Truly frightening.

    Comment by nonsequiteuse | August 30, 2010

  2. […] Liberal asks a reasonable question, Should Outside Election Observers Be Sent To Harris County?—How About Jimmy Carter? The integrity of the elections process is under attack in Harris […]

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  3. I felt you were on track with your views.

    Thanks for the comment and please visit again. You run a good blog.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | August 31, 2010

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