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I Shall Now Also Be Blogging At The Daily Hurricane—Texas Liberal Post #2000

This is Texas Liberal post #2000.

I sure it hope it has been worth all the time it has taken.

With post #2000, I’m glad to announce that I’ll soon also be blogging with the great crew at The Daily Hurricane.

I’ll still be writing at Texas Liberal. This will remain my main base of blogging operations.

Let me be clear—Texas Liberal is not closing up shop.

Also, I will still be posting as a featured politics reader-blogger at the Houston Chronicle online.

Above you see a picture I took two years ago of the hurricane barrier in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

This structure, built with government dollars in 1966, is yet another government  helps people each and every day.

Here is a story to read more about the barrier. I always enjoyed seeing the hurricane dam as a kid growing up in Providence.

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

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